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With the introduction of no notice inspections, it is more important than ever to make sure that all your school policies are in place and up to date.

So why not subscribe to our Policies for Schools website and let us do the hard work for you.

Sign up for a year's subscription for just £225 and you will have access to over 300 downloadable model school policies that:

Cover 20 different statutory areas - our policies cover all aspects of school life including Safeguarding & Welfare of Children, School Inspection, School Health and Safety and School Improvement

Are continually being updated to reflect any changes in government legislation you can be confident that all your policies comply with current legislation as each of our policies now include a template for undertaking an Equality Act 2010 Impact Assessment and a Policy Evaluation Checklist to assess each policy in practice.

Are thoroughly researched and written in line with the NAHT's guidance on policy writing - our policies are professionally written, clear, concise and consistent.

Are very easy to customise to suit your particular type of school - our policies are written in Microsoft Word format and can be easily adapted to suit any type of school.

Are available 24/7 - why wait for a yearly updated CD when you can download your policies any time, all you need is an internet connection to log into your account.

Our user-friendly, reasonably priced, quality service represents good value for money as it also includes all new and updated school policies added to our site during your year's subscription for you to download straight away.

Subscribe to Policies for Schools and whatever the size of your school, the school policies available can help any headteacher to establish a proper work-life balance by saving countless hours of valuable time.

If you wish to view some example documents before you decide to subscribe, then the following sample policies are available to download:

Sample Policies
Anti-Violence Policy
Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents Policy

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The cost of creating places for the 880,000 extra pupils expected in England by 2023 could push schools to breaking point, council leaders warn.


Ofsted 'blinkered' on child protection, say councils

Ofsted's approach to inspecting child protection services in England is "blinkered", say council leaders.


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