This is the list of Statutory school policies that will be available to download when you subscribe to Policies for Schools.

Statutory School Policies
Admission and Attendance Registers Policy
Admissions Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance and Truancy Policy
Biometric Data Protection Policy
Charges, Voluntary Contributions, Remissions and Refunds Policy
Collective Worship Policy
Community Cohesion Policy
Complaints Policy – see Department of Education Complaints model policy
Conditions of Service Policy
Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation Policy
Data Protection Procedures Policy
Dealing with Allegations against the Headteacher, Teaching and Support Staff, Supply Teachers, School Volunteers and Contractors Policy
Disability Equality Scheme and Disability Accessibility Plan for Pupils Policy
Disciplinary Procedure Policy
Disclosure and Barring Service Checks Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Governors’ Allowances Policy
Grievance Procedure Policy
Health and Safety Part I of 3 Policy
Health and Safety Part 2 of 3 – The Curriculum Policy
Health and Safety Part 3 of 3 – Safe Procedures Policy
Home-School Agreement Policy
Instrument of Government Policy
Liaison and Transition Policy
Minutes of Governing Body Meetings Policy
No Smoking Policy
Performance Management Policy
Positive Handling (Restraint of Pupils) Policy
Pupil Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Pupil Exclusion Policy
Register of Business Interests of Headteacher and Governors Policy
Relations Education, Sex Education and Health Education Policy
Risk Management and Risk Assessment Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Part 1 of 4 Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Part 2 of 4 Roles and Responsibilities Policy
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Part 3 of 4 Recognising the signs of Abuse and Neglect Policy
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy Part 4 of 4 Safeguarding Procedures Policy
School Council Policy
School Prospectus Policy
School Staff Pay Appeals Policy
School Website Policy
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy
Staff Capability Policy
Supporting Pupils with Long-Term Medical Conditions
Teachers’ and Support Staff Pay Policy