This is the list of School Pupils policies that will be available to download when you subscribe to Policies for Schools.

School Pupils Policies
Academically More Able, Gifted and Talented Children Policy
Attendance and Truancy Policy
Calming Room Policy
Child Employment and Children in Entertainment Policy
Early Help Policy
Eating Disorders Policy
Free School Meals
Head Lice Policy
Home Tuition Policy
Integrating Pupils into a New School Policy
Integration of Pupils into a Unit Policy
Involving Pupils in School Policies
Mental Health Policy
Outside Agencies Policy
Pastoral Care Policy
Praise Reward and Celebration of Achievements Policy
Private Tuition Policy
Pupil Absence on Medical Grounds Policy
Pupil Participation Policy
Pupil Premium Policy
Safe Physical Contact with Pupils Policy
Same-Sex Families Policy
School Based Counselling Policy
School Refusal Policy
School Uniform Policy
Student Leadership Policy
Supporting Pupils with Long-Term Medical Conditions Policy
Supporting the Health and Wellbeing of Pupils Policy
Transgender Friendly School Policy
Travel Code Policy
Walking to and from School Policy
Wraparound Care Policy
Young Carers Policy