This is the list of School Staff policies that will be available to download when you subscribe to Policies for Schools.

School Staff Policies
Acceptable Use for School Laptops Policy
Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment at the Workplace Policy
Career Break Policy
Charging Staff Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Continuing Professional Development Policy
Dealing with Allegations against the Headteacher, Teaching and Support Staff, Supply Teachers, School Volunteers and Contractors Policy
Disciplinary Procedure Policy
Dress Code Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Grievance Procedure Policy
Health and Well-being of School Personnel Policy
Induction of New Staff Policy
Job Share Policy
Leadership Development and Succession Planning Policy
Lone Workers Policy
Lunchtime Supervisors Policy
Managing Apprentices in Schools
Managing the Impact of the Menopause at Work Policy
Maternity Pay and Leave for Teachers Policy
Newly Qualified Teachers Policy
Performance Management Policy
Personal Property and School Property Policy
Personal Relationships at Work Policy
Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time Policy
Play Policy
Premises Manager Policy
Private Tuition Policy
Reducing Excessive Teacher Workload Policy
School Personnel Code of Conduct Policy
School Staff Pay Appeals Policy
Shared Parental Leave and Pay Policy
Social Media Policy
Staff Absence and Leave Policy
Staff Capability Policy
Supporting LGB+ and School Personnel Policy
Support Staff Policy
Teachers’ and Support Staff Pay Policy
Teaching Staff Policy
Threshold Assessment Policy
Time Management Policy
Transgender Friendly School Policy
Voice Care Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
Working at Height Policy
Working at Home Policy
Work-Life Balance Policy