We have supplied a range of testimonials from satisfied customers for you to gauge the level of service we provide.

We are in no way affiliated with any of the individuals or schools listed below.

Alex Day – Redborne Upper School & Community College

The wide range of policies available from Policies for Schools have saved me valuable time and proven to be excellent value for money.

Steve Delaney –  Deputy Headmaster St David’s College

After searching for a policy on Policies for schools website and not finding it there, I contacted the office and they wrote and emailed the relevant policy within a few days!

Fantastic, friendly and efficient service. Would definitely recommend.

John Butcher –  Headteacher Future Education

“For a small school such as ours your service is proving really helpful so many thanks. The writing is clear and concise and perfect for even the most complex policies.!”

Anthony Welch – Headteacher Holland Park Primary School

“I find Policies for Schools very helpful indeed! In addition to the very diverse range of policies, all cross-referenced and regularly reviewed, which are available on the website all correspondence is immediately dealt with and new policies provided within 5 working days. For such a modest annual cost the website is incredible value for money!”

Julie Farr – The Libra School

“Here at The Libra School we use Policies for Schools for all our school policy requirements.  We approached Policies for Schools to enquire whether it was possible to publish the monthly updated policies with the amendments highlighted.  After an efficient and speedy reply, we are very pleased that Policies for Schools have indeed been able to assist and ultimately have saved us hours!  Thank you so much, we really appreciate your help, with over 120 policies at our school, it really is a massive saving!”

Andrew Bennett – Headteacher Ovingham Middle School

“As a new head teacher the number of policies and updates seemed really daunting.  I could have spent hours writing them and checking they were up to date, time I could have spent in the school with the learners and staff.  I didn’t.  Policies for Schools not only had everything as a template ready for me to adapt but even wrote me three unique policies I requested.  Excellent service and money well spent.”

Cath Khan – Headteacher Oakfield Community Primary School, Widnes

“As a very busy headteacher, I was delighted to find such a reasonably priced, well structured, user-friendly policy website. On the rare occasion when the policy I am looking for isn’t available, an email request results in a speedy response from the team – excellent!”

Ann Farrell – Knowsley Southern Area Support team

“I have had a subscription to Policies for Schools for a number of years now and have always found it a great help and support when seeking a solution to our policies issues. In creating a policy it is always easier to have something to start with – Policies for Schools provide this. Frameworks and templates are regularly updated which means you keep up to date with any national legislative changes.”

Tim Baxter – Headteacher St Mary’s R C Primary School

“I found the process of reviewing and updating policies with Governors extremely time consuming.  To ensure their relevance each policy has to be re-evaluated and often re-written on an annual rolling programme.

The Policies for Schools website has provided me with a range of simple, effective and up to date policies, dealing with all aspects of school life.  By using the website I am now confident that I exceed all statutory requirements and ultimately have more time to get on with the role of school leadership.”